Our Team

Fighting crime by day, TEDx by night.

Behind the curtains lies a team of extremely talented, committed and creative individuals – a tireless team that fights crime by day, solves TEDx mysteries by night. With a roll call that showcases nearly every faculty and both undergrad and postgrad, the TEDxUW 2015 team is an assembly of diversity, dedication and determination.

The journey to showcase incredible stories to the UW community and the rest of the world can be long, arduous and uncertain – but only if you don’t bring the TEDxUW team with you.


Trishala Pillai
Mugwe Kiragu


Mathushanth Sivakumar
Sponsorship Manager
Haley Tian
Amal Mustafa
Finance Director

Speaker Relations

Sep Pashang
Speaker Relations Director

Attendee Experience

Ishani Kumar
Attendee Experience Director
Cindy You
Attendee Relations Manager
Rui Su
Logistics Manager


Wes Bush
Marketing Director
Dudley Ellis
Street Marketing Lead

Munin Kim
Social Media & Content Manager
Alida Cane
Outreach Manager
Alexander Mistakidis
UX Developer

Madzia McCutcheon
Graphic Designer
Sahib Kalra
Lead Photographer & Videographer


Catherine Park
Production Manager
Abrar Khan
Production Director
Selina Vesely
Production Executive

And most importantly, the powerhouse of our events: our wonderful team of volunteers!